Saturday, June 26, 2010

Today it's "Doctor"

Today she says she wants to be a doctor. She has taken to "healing" the family's mosquito bites by a special application of soap to the bite site. My pharmacy background has me believing that the "relief" our family seems to feel upon this soap application is because it's, chemically speaking, basic. Similar to those 'bite sticks' you can purchase at the pharmacy for relief of bug bites. Their active ingredient is simply ammonia. (So save yourself the trouble next time you consider shelling out 4 bucks for a silly stick that helps to relieve 'itch' for mosquito bites, and purchase a bottle of household ammonia in the cleaning aisle, and a cotton ball.) Same result.

Anyway, Stella says she wants to be a doctor. More power to her.

I think it really started a time ago when grandma was visiting and she was permitted to give insulin injections to grandma.
Stella was truly inspired. Not to mention intrigued and a little proud at a new found responsibility.
Thank you to grandma for trusting in her, before she would have trusted in herself!
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