Sunday, June 6, 2010

We are so lucky

to have friends like this. Really, truly, blessed.
The Benoits had us all over for dinner last night, followed by some playing in the park.
Miss Alina's mom has been in town visiting from Romania and we've had a chance to get to know her over the last few weeks.
She's so great with the kids and seems to enjoy being with them.
(The key is limiting her exposure to them. It's all good for an hour or two. If we punished her with more time around them,
she'd probably run the other direction :)

I just can't say enough how much we love hanging out with the Benoits.

They treat our kids as they would their own.
Well, that's not entirely true. They spoil our kids to no end.
For instance, they purchased 3 huge bags of MnM's in order to obtain this oblong soccer ball for the kids.
How sweet is that? No pun intended.
We could call on James and Alina at any hour.
We have called on them at odd hours- for babysitting while we run a kid to the ER for instance.

Being so far from family and home as we know it, makes having friends like this even more special.
They know where they're headed next, and although we have a little time before they start packing boxes,
a twinge of sadness already pings us when the subject comes up.
We really are incredibly lucky.
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