Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Creekside Finale

Matt and I were both raised in Northwestern PA, but we haven’t been here much with the kids. When we do come home, the time is usually spent visiting family and friends. We rarely take time for much else, but always wish we had spent just a bit more time showing the kids places, or doing things we did as kids.
The latest trip ‘home’ where we were both raised, has been filled with fun and adventure. Most importantly though, it’s been filled with a ton of opportunity to take the kids to places where we spent time at their ages. The local swimming pool, schools, ice cream shops, bike trails, festivals…all places we meandered in childhood, and places where we still hold dear memories of still today.
What it is that makes us want to take the kids to these places, and share stories?
I don’t know. I think it's simply the good times, happy memories, and comfort of friends and family.
There is no comfort like the places we really feel home.
Terry and Nancy~ Thank you!
We really wanted the kids to have a chance to swim in a creek. We fondly remember local swimming holes, drying out on rocky river beds, and splashing hot sunny summer days away. Today we visited some very kind friends who happened to make that wish come true. The day was more of a finale to our three week stay than we could have ever asked for. Absolutely fantastic.

Stella caught minnows in the creek. She was terribly proud of her accomplishment,
initially announcing "I'm holding a fish!" So many firsts on this trip.
As if the creek wasn't enough, the kids were offered a little pony ride to boot. They haven't stopped talking about those horses yet.
So much has changed and yet so much remains the same.
Trains used to run through this tunnel. I can remember being inside as a child, when a train went through. (Note: Not a fond childhood memory, but a crystal clear one, as I was sure I'd lose my life in there).
Now a bike trail, it was truly a great time wandering through with the kids. (and no fear for safety)
Here's to hoping that these kids will have fond childhood memories as well!

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