Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dog and Cat Hospital

What an amazing experience for us.
Aunt Betsy is our favorite veterinarian and she made way for the girls and I to visit the clinic where she works. We had a fantastic behind the scenes view of what veterinarian work is like.
I was genuinely impressed by the workload around us. As a client with my dog, standing in a waiting room, or the exam room, I had never realized how much work was going on elsewhere in the clinic. It's a very busy place!
The girls thought that holding these newborn puppies was a highlight.
They were quite adorable at only 3-4 days old.
We'd like to send a great big thank you to Dr. Hallstrom and all the folks working at Dog and Cat Hospital, for allowing us to tour the clinic today. We realize what a fantastic opportunity it was to be there.
We thank Aunt Betsy for showing us around and taking the time to grant such an incredible experience.
And we send well wishes to all those animals who are recovering. It seems you critters are in great hands.
Get Well Soon!

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