Wednesday, August 4, 2010


aka Addie-ba-baddy, Love
Oh My Gawd. I need help. This kid is facing tweens already at age, almost 8.
Support groups for moms with soon to be tweens? It's hitting us that someday this child will be a teenager.
Not good. Seriously not good. Already she exposes a range of moods. A variety that would put Ben & Jerry's ice cream menu to shame.
I'm calling on anyone and everyone who can offer advice here. Good books on the matter? Info on how to parent tweens? Info on how to parent at all? Please, we're all ears. Any and all advice you can provide is not only welcome but encouraged. Help!


KT said...

No advice...venturing on that territory myself. Not sure what to do with all this...feel totally unprepared and unequipped. But in the midst of all this, it is so amazing to me that our little girls are becoming young women...and what beautiful and precious young women they are. Hang in there...and let me know if you stumble across any life changing wisdom!

Mandy said...

Thanks Katie!Keep us posted. It retrospect, teh first 8 years seem easier somehow then the second 8. Why is that?

Fat Pilot said...

I am all ears. Waiting for all of the great advice you get so you can give it me :-D