Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Animals Went to See the Animals

Today, I promised the animals I'd take them to see the animals.
Rain or shine.
It rained, of course.
They wanted to go for the sake of going. But most importantly, they were curious as to how the new baby monkey was getting along. We visited in the spring, when the baby was less than two weeks. The kids have mentioned their concerns for the "tiny baby" occasionally over the summer, so it seemed a fitting end of the summer vacation to check up on progress.
Happy to note, mamma and baby seem to be doing just fine.
In case you're wondering, the entire zoo seems to be doing just fine.
 ( Not that you were worried or anything?)
We took care to maintain some of the puddles as well, making sure to splash as much water as possible from the bottom of each and every one.


elizabem said...

excellent! i love it. seriously thought that is a beautiful photo of the gibbons.


Mandy said...

thanks Bets
yes, yes, the monkeys (gibbons)are doing well so we can all sleep well tonight :)