Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beach Day-a slow down day

After the hard work of playing tourist for several days around Italy, we took a much needed day of rest. We laid around the beach all day and when we tired of that, we headed for the pool.

The kids spent the day collecting and sorting a variety of finds. From seashells to seaweed, they managed to bag it all. When it was time to go, they asked if they cold take their new treasures home. We gave a solid "no". Eventually, we permitted a few seashells. "Only seashells." was made perfectly clear.

Fast forward 4 days later.

We woke up in Liechtenstein to a nauseating smell in the car. After a few minutes of searching, Matt found a bag of the seashells and seaweed. Stella had tried to sneak it home, but gave up after the horrific smell diffused out of the car and across the street.

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