Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Before our very eyes

he's growing. Who let that happen?

Since we returned from the Stateside visit, friends and neighbors
have mentioned that Arleigh seems to have sprouted.
A lot.
I feel like I watched it happen too. It seems as if he grew an inch or two over the last three weeks.
Julia, our NATO intern who's been living with us, noted upon return that Arleigh is talking a lot more too.
It's disheartening to have him grow so quickly. He's full of spunk and energy. Lots of fun (and work).
To have him grow means we're moving on, to a new phase, a new talent, a new skill, and new troubles.
I happen to like right where we are right now. I'm not ready for growing up yet.

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Fat Pilot said...

hummm....maybe it's time for Hill number FIVE? hehehehe

BIG HUG. I know how you feel.