Saturday, August 21, 2010

Carrara, Arezzo

Last day of the trip. We headed in opposite directions. First to Cararra so that just like Michelangeolo, the kids could pick out some marble to take home. We headed high into the mountains where there are marble quarries, and drove til the road was washed away. Then we let the kids jump out and pick 2 pieces of marble....

Marble was everywhere within 40 miles of this place, and beyond.
The day was wet, rainy, and dark. With nothing better to do, we headed out for Arezzo. Due to the weather, we decided to move indoors to the Museo Archeologico & Roman Amphitheatre.

Basically, just as it’s titled, a museum of Roman and Etruscan artifacts built on the site of a Roman amphitheatre. Frankly it was amazing how advanced the Romans were and a visit to this place made it seem as if we’ve not come so terribly far in the last 2000 years.

We wandered along in the dreary weather, stopping at the duomo and piazza, noting intricate details and beautiful facades. Though we needed to get back to the cabin to pack up for our adventures the next day. Heading home.

Perhaps the journey back to the cabin that evening was the most interesting. Many Italians don’t eat dinner until 7pm or later. Heading back to the cabin, we began searching for a place to eat. We pulled off the autostrada and traveled along a smaller, slower road though towns and villages. It was essentially the route 66 of Italy. We must have passed 200 pizzeria restaurants, but all were closed. Even after 7pm. Out of desperation, I offered that perhaps we should seek out a Mc Donalds and simply be done with dinner, as the hour was getting late and the kids were hungry. Matt refused saying “We don’t want to eat at McDonald’s on our last night in Tuscany!” He was right, we didn’t want to wind up at McDonald’s.

Searching for dinner became a major event during our stay in Italy. It seemed a challenge each day to find a place to seat 4 kids and 2 adults. At one point, Matt suggested the TV networks produce a reality TV show for just that purpose “Dinner Search- find dinner in a European country. Your challenge is 4 young kids, a budget, and time frame. Ready. Set. Go!” We ate breakfast at the cabin, packed lunch when possible, so dinners were the only challenge. It was just that, a challenge.

Moving onward, from town to town, surprisingly, we found nothing open. We think perhaps it was a holiday weekend, but we aren’t sure why no one was open for business. In the interest of time, we decided to get back on the autostrada and head back to a restaurant we had eaten at the first night we arrived near the cabin.

They were open! And couldn’t seat us until at least 9pm.

So we headed for the base, where we knew there was a little pizzeria which had hours till 9pm. We arrived at 8:40pm, …they had closed early for the night.

There we were, 9:00 pm, in a McDonalds drive thru. The last night in Tuscany, eating Mikie Ds. It seemed a sin.

Sometimes life makes other plans. Grazie.

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