Friday, August 6, 2010


Arleigh was napping. What started out as a joke with the kids, turned into 'mommy and me' photos.
Addie asked me to take a photo of us together. Thank goodness for self timers- I did.
Before I knew it, "me too" "me three!"
This was a great opportunity to get photos with the kids. The last attempt, some may recall, was an utter disaster on Mother's Day. For a review on that attempt, click here.
This wasn't planned. We weren't exactly in nice clothing, no make up, heck I don't even know if the kids brushed their hair today. Even so, I feel that finally, good things come to those who wait.
We had a great time. I set the camera up, pressed the shutter release, and then would leap over whoever was in the frame for the photo. Sometimes I'd run to and fro like I forgot where I was supposed to sit for the picture. Sometimes I ran around them first, in an abbreviated game of duck- duck- goose.

The little impromptu photo session was entirely too fun. In fact, we were so loud carrying on, that we woke Arleigh up from his nap.
I snapped a few with the little guy as well.
The day was finished off with a game of freeze dance. ( I should have set the self timer up for that bit of booty shakin' madness.) Anyway, fun pics from a great day with the kids.


Fat Pilot said...

yea!!!! Mom is a really still alive. How nice to see your smiling face. Thanks for finally finding a way to get IN the pictures. You guys are beautiful. So sorry that we missed you during your visit. I was pretty sad about that but I had to work.

Julia said...

Mand -
Your pictures are beautiful. One one these will be added to my window ledge at work....right along side of the Mother's Day picture. :)

The Mommy said...

Really beauiful photos! Everyone is growing so fast and I am on the same bus with you...just slow right down...nature, take your time! My 8 year old is also showing signs. Wow! Is this early or quoi?! I think if we stay involved, the teenage years will be a breeze! All the best! Kim xo

Mandy said...

Thanks for all the notes
this photo shoot was fun, mostly because it was completely unplanned. Will blog soon- just arrived back from family vacation in Tuscany. Amazing!!!