Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Milan to Livorono

Easier to collage this post, but the photos are consequently smaller. You can double click on the collage for a larger view...
First stop of the day- the Duomo. An intricate, Gothic style structure, this church took 500 years to complete. It houses the tomb of a Medici family member, 135 marble spires, 2,245 marble statues, and a whole lotta pigeons. Pigeons here don't know personal space. They are truly part of the piazza outside. People threw handfuls of popcorn kernels to get the pigeons to fly for more dramatic photos. We instead, let the kids chase the pigeons to top off the morning's activities.

Next on to the Castello Sforzesco, built in 1450. Here, pigeons and cats seem to live harmoniously, and the kids were more interested in the cats, (and their abundant kittens) than the castle. We strolled around, played in the water, and moved on.

Then on to the center of fashion in Milan. The boulevard where famous top designers have their shops.
Essentially we stopped by for a quick peek, as we weren't up for shopping- check out that Valentino price tag.
The kids 'stuck a pose' for us in front of the Dior and Versace shops. They really hammed it up and it made the stop that much more fun.

Then back in the back for the trek to our cabin in Tuscany. The first night there, we found ourselves at the little restaurant with incredible food. At the time, we had no idea, that all the little restaurants had fabulous food.
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