Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our top five favorite kids quotes from a recent trip to Italy...

1)"We haven't been to India yet."
(This is concerning, mostly because of the 'yet')

2) "They squeeze the olives for oil to put it in the car." 
(That would be some tasty bio fuel eh?)

3) "Is that vase a million years old or just 7 days old?"
(no grey area for this bunch- it's all black and white)

4) "I'd like to visit Italy, and Louisiana."
(How's that for a 4 year old's bucket list?)

5) "Did you like it when she sang teriyaki last night?"
(referring to karaoke singer at a pizzeria)


Trip to Italy said...

So cute! Am sure you had fun in your travels with all those cute innocent comments from your kids. A trip to Italy is more fun with the kids around as they are able to experience the wonders of this beautiful world even at their young age.

Mandy said...

"Cute"- that's not what we call them, but thank you :)
It was a great trip, and we'd recommend most anyone to go if they have an opportunity. There's a wide world out there waiting to be explored! Thanks for checking in!