Thursday, August 5, 2010

Reading for a Ride

She's slacking in summer reading.
So much that her skill level has declined significantly in the last year.
The number of books she's read in the last 2 months hovers around,
let's see now, carry the 7. Right. Zero.
Worse yet, lately, she despises books in a way that most children reserve for asparagus and brussels sprouts.
(Granted, she's stuffed a lot of other info into that noggin. But reading- we're focusing on reading.)
So, fellow parents, we've fallen into the vast and unfortunate temptation of bribery.
She's outgrown her bike.  
After searching high and low, we abandoned the used bike option.
There aren't many around, or we're not looking in the right places.
The new one is ordered and on its way.
The deal- for each book she reads to us, she gets a bike part.
Each piece is represented by a drawing on the wall. After a book is read, she colors in the bike part and moves on to the next one, in hopes of accomplishing a new ride sometime this fall. 
Two tires and a kickstand later, we think it's working.

Now if only I could read my way to a new bike. Mine was stolen at the local metro a few Saturdays ago.
Ahhhh- to read my way to a new ride. Twist my arm. Or better yet, bribe me.


Fat Pilot said...

Soooo smart Mom. We are having the same problem with Parker. Great idea!!

Julia said...

I am curious....what kind of a bribe will it take for you to earn a new bike?!