Tuesday, August 3, 2010


                                                   a.k.a Bo Bella, silly girl, Bee-Boo, jokster, Stellie
She is a crack up. The girl has some kinda spirit I tell you. She's complicated though- funny and easy going on the outside, but a little serious on the inside. She can be manipulating, kind, and downright crazy.
She can break wind just to make you cry. In the worst places too (say church.)
She doesn't want to be left out, but she doesn't necessarily want to be grouped in.
Her only criteria is that her clothes should feel like pajamas.
Giggles like no one's business. Wears a crown at the dinner table as if she's of royal blood.
 This one doesn't care what you think about her. Sometimes I think that's what we like most about Stella.
Look out world- She's heading for a first grade edge-u-ma-kate-shon and it's any body's guess what she'll do with a little knowledge.


Fat Pilot said...

hummm....maybe it's Stella that you have to worry about, not Addie :-D

Mandy said...

uh huh!