Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Too Many Cooks-a kids cooking catfish video

Maybe we were bored.
Maybe we just need to get back into the school routine.
Maybe I just wanted to kill two birds with one stone.
Entertain the kids, and get dinner made. Whatever it was, ths process was comical, to say the least. Look out Emeril Lagasse. Take a back seat Martha Stewart. Sit down Rachel Ray. And Bobby Flay, you better reconsider your grocery list, cause this crew knows how to cook. (Or at least, um, dump some stuff from the freezer aisle into a bowl.)

 It turned out to be more fun than anticipated. Stay tuned, we may end up producing a summer cooking series. (or not :) Bon Appetite!


elizabem said...

oh mandy, that was hilarious. my favorite part was emory whining about the coleslaw getting on his arm! :) they did a great job though. hope the dinner was tasty!

mandy said...

It was hilarious! I liked that part too. Believe it or not, I 'm happy to report that they ate all of it. (Emory didn't eat his coleslaw, but otherwise they cleaned their plates!) We might just have to do that again. It was all too fun(ny).