Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tricking the Tooth Fairy

It's bedtime.
I fluff Stella's pillow a bit, only to notice that her tooth fairy pillow
is oddly laying beneath the pillow upon which she lays her weary head at night.
She hasn't lost any teeth in the last 24-48 hours that I'm aware of.
"Stella? What's this doing under your pillow?" I asked, quickly reaching inside,
because there was something stuffed where a tooth should go.
"Oh, I was trying to see if I could trick the tooth fairy. To see if she would bring me money."

Great. Just great. We're raising a kid who's trying to extort money from the tooth fairy.
Leave it to Stella. (at least she was honest eh?)
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Julia said...

No Shit! That little turkey is smarter than I was with the tooth fairy. You have to give her kudos for trying. :)

Fat Pilot said...

hahahahaha! I can't believe that Parker hasn't thought of that one yet. She was saving for an iTouch but I think she is saving for a car now. Too funny! Smart kids you have there Miss Mandy.