Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Getting there

Tuscany~ beautiful, tasty, and exciting, although getting there was half the fun.
Driving through the Lombardy Lake region was just breathtaking. 5 large pristine mountain edged lakes lined our path to Italy from Switzerland. Eventually we pulled off the road simply to enjoy the view.
While gazing, we noted some jumpers gliding down from nearby mountain tops. It's hard to imagine the scenery getting any better, but if anyone had a better view than us, it was those guys- hanging in the air.
We broke the drive up into two days. Brussels to Milan on the first day, and Milan to Livorono (about 15 minutes from Pisa) the second. We spent the night in Milan and woke up to do a quick self guided tour of the city before heading to our cabin in Tuscany.

Milan has a lot of pigeons. More on Milan soon...

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