Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday 8 Was Great

Addie's 8th birthday. She started the 8th year off with the traditional birthday breakfast in bed. Cinnamon rolls (in the shape of the number 8 of course!) OJ, fruit salad, and milk.
For fun, I'd stepped into the garden in pjs to cut a flower for her tray. Little did I know that an extra visitor had hitched a ride to send along birthday wishes as well....

Later in the evening, we celebrated with gifts and cake. Although before gift opening can commence, it's customary in the home for the birthday person to have to go through the paddywhack before any presents are opened. For some reason, the paddywhack is a huge hit with this crowd.

Addie tended to the business of opening presents right away. She's a thoughtful kid, knowing she had sibling onlookers, she enlisted their help in opening gifts.

The big gift, a new bike.
Mr. James and Miss Alina came over to help celebrate too. Mr. James just celebrated a birthday of his own, so they brought along a fruit tart to set ablaze as well! Before the candles were out, Arleigh was diggin' in. It's safe to say this kid loves a party. It's even more safe to say he finds fruit tarts undeniably delicious.
Dear Addie, it is simply amazing how you've grown kid. Still very calm and sweet, most often thinking of others and often showing ways to help someone around you. We're anxious to see what you'll use those assets for in life. Who'll you'll become. Where you'll go. For now, could you just hold at 8 for awhile? The growing up seems to be occurring at warp speed and it's just about killing your mom. I say now, just what I whispered in your ear that first night in the hospital- You are my favorite Addie in the whole wide world.

May you have 200 more happy birthdays. May you always have the gifts of happiness and health. May you continue to show your kind heart, and find kindness in return.

May you have your cake and eat it too.
..and you, Arleigh- have your cake and eat it too kid..
Your day is coming up.
Happy Birthday Addie!


Fat Pilot said...

Happy birthday Addie! Hang in there Mom. You are raising your best friends for life. Hugs.

Bethany said...

Happy Birthday Addie! Sending love and hugs from Franklin! Mandy, just thought I'd share that the newest star on America's Got Talent is a pint sized beauty who reminds my mom and I of your darling daughters! You'll have to check it out! I think it will make you smile!

Mandy said...

Thanks for the update Bethany.
Funny, we don't get to see "American's got Talent" over here in Eu?!!?

The Mommy said...

Happy Birthday, Addie! Hope you had a great, special day and lots of fun! Best wishes from the Scarabellos in Sinagpore xo