Sunday, September 19, 2010

Car Free Sunday in Brussels

It was Car Free Sunday in Brussels today.Once more, the Brussels-Capital Region dedicated its 160km2 to sustainable mobility. The STIB public transport network ran free of charge, granting an opportunity to test and combine several means of transport: bus, metro, walking, roller-skating, biking. You name it! The Car Free Day aims towards goals of changing attitudes, opening a public debate on urban mobility, reducing noise, and pollution. Roads were shut down within the city ring and a very limited number of cars were allowed to drive within the city most of the day.
We took advantage of Car Free Sunday and hopped on the bikes to ride straight into Brussels to visit our fabulous friends, the Benoits.

The kids were real troopers - about 13 miles round trip.

Those same troopers were met with the typical spoiling from Mr. James and Miss Alina.
Pizza, chocolate, movies, attention all around, and even a dominoes tournament of sorts with Mr. James. (Thanks again you guys!)

When we finally gathered our things and headed home, cars were already lining up to get back on the road. We saw a large variety of mobility, from rollerbladers (and those trying), walkers, bikers, runners, to a guy with two poles and a skateboard strapped on each foot, fashioned as a skier,
 to a kid decked out with huge goggles as he peddled his go kart.

For us, it seemed, Car Free Sunday was a success!

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