Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Lose Hope.

A friend recently found out she was pregnant. I was honored to be able to share in her hopeful anticipation, as she was thrilled to be expecting.

This week however, that all came to a sad end, and she is suffering a miscarriage. Devastated to have been through this twice myself, her pain reaches the furthest depth of my soul. The loss is very real, and truly upsetting. She says she’s giving up- no more trying. Done. Fini.
The advice the doctor muttered to me several years ago, (apparently never having suffered a miscarriage of her own) was, “This will make you stronger. You’ll be much better for it. You’ll see.”
I dare not repeat such stupid words to a struggling friend.
I’ve never felt better for having suffered a miscarriage. I will never feel stronger for the loss. I will never say I am better for it.

Instead, “time” I encouraged my troubled friend. Time. And don’t lose hope.

Now, here he is. My buddy. My shadow. He’s a walking, talking, anthem for what started from barely a shred of hope.
Dare I say, be careful what you wish for,…but keep on wishing.
 Don’t lose hope.

2, 3 4, years from now, you may be surprised.

You may find yourself contemplating the attributes of every little digger and dump truck this side of China.

You may be dealing with a little one who's sometimes really frustrated, and not sure how to handle big emotions in a small body.
So, in time, you may find yourself wiping up tears, and then picking up toys.

You just may be smiling at a toddler who makes your heart chuckle.


You may be wondering what you should make for lunch, because a tiny tummy is hungry...

Easier said than done, yet,
for the sake of what just might be, don’t lose hope.
Time will sort things out.


KT said...

Oh Mandy...this brought tears to my eyes. Arleigh is beautiful and sweet and what a gift he is! My heart breaks for your friend...I will pray for her healing.

Mandy said...

Thanks KT

Anonymous said...

This post is just beautiful Mandy! I'll remember your friend in my prayers tonight, and remember to keep hoping myself too! Bethany