Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rid of Fruit Flies

Last week, for unknown reasons, we had an invasion of fruit flies in the house. Primarily flying around the kitchen, they seemed to be fluttering around our faces as if wiggling their wings to say "nah nah- nah! Can't catch me!" We stored all the fruit and food away in the fridge, cleaned the counter tops with Clorox, and yet they still seemed to swarm.

After a little online research, a few bowls filled with cider vinegar and soap came to the rescue. I'm sharing the fruit fly solution with you here because it was a cheap, easy, and incredibly fast cure for our kitchen woes.

1 cup cider vinegar in a glass bowl

1 teaspoonful of dish soap poured into the bowl of vinegar

Within 15 minutes the bowls filled with the fruit flies.
What a delightful surprise to see the solution work so quickly!

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