Monday, September 13, 2010

Mamma's Got a New Ride

My bike was stolen from the metro station when Julia, the NATO intern, borrowed it this summer.
What a bummer.
The lack of a bike Stateside, wouldn't not be such a problem, but the lack of a bike here in Belgium creates quite a troublesome dilemma.
Most folks bike, at least somewhere, sometime, during the week here. It makes sense. It's often faster, easier (great bike paths and lanes laid out everywhere), and saves a ton on parking.
We needed a good way to save time on the 3km trek to school too.
The solution...

I'm loving' it, though the speedster behind me seems a little nervous.

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Julia said...

Ahhh, everyone looks so ready to go for a bike ride. I sure do wish I could join you!

mandy said...

we're waiting...