Thursday, September 23, 2010


Any mom can tell you, at some point in parenthood, random becomes the norm.
Odd isn't necessarily all that odd anymore.
There are moms out there who boast t-shirts that read "You don't scare me, I live with a 3 year old."
Sad but true, on both accounts.
Kids can send any parent to the point of no return. But someone's gotta have imagination eh?

Case in point. A few things, in random order, found around the house in the past week.

from left to right
1. Sock in the fridge (they blame Arleigh)
2. fire extinguisher and Popsicle in wipes box (offering cooling relief?)
3. pizza and egg in plate cabinet (not what's for dinner, unfortunately)
4. tea cup hanging on fireplace tools (perhaps for dousing)
5. toy firemen and police on guard on lamp (good thing cause that lamps is mom's favorite)
6. parrot in rose bush (in a few months that'll be the partridge in a pear tree perhaps)
7. race car in gramophone horn (no Bose speakers necessary)
8. apparently there are angels among us (go figure -Stella)
9. robot hangs in outer space from lamp (if that robot could talk- man the stories he'd tell the fly on the wall!)
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