Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Toddler Music Birthday Celebration

Today was the weekly toddler music group meeting, but with a birthday twist. Arleigh celebrated with his closest friends, who are all of an entire two years of age.

With little time to prep, the cake was a very quick fix train, carrying a truckload of fresh fruits.  Easy enough, a knife and ready made pound cake (Thank you Sara Lee), were all that was needed to make this cake a hit with the kids.

 These are his little friends. The buddies who wait for their siblings at school pick up too.

The kids who sing songs and play with Arleigh each week. No better group to celebrate an upcoming two year old birthday.

Unfortunately, we only had one candle on hand, but it was more than enough for the little guy to blow out.
We'll make sure by his real birthday there are two big candles on his cake.


Fat Pilot said...

Neat neat cake Mom. Happy birthday Arleigh!

The Mommy said...

Happy Birthday coming up, Arleigh! Hope you had lots of fun with your music group friends and for part two, even more fun on the actual day. Big hugs and two big paddy whacks, Kim et famille