Monday, September 13, 2010

Violin Stage

The girls had a violin stage (sounds like "Sta-jjj")  this weekend. A stage is something like a workshop, or camp where a particular subject matter is focused upon. There are all sorts of stages- arts, sports, language, dance, you name it, there's a stage for it. During holidays, if a family is not traveling, often, the children will enter a stage.
Madame Francine had asked the girls to participate in a violin stage this weekend. The primary focus was getting back in tune on the violin after the summer vacation, but instead of playing the violin all weekend, the stage theme was "France". They painted, read books on France, ate French food, put on a play in French costume, and of course, practiced violin.
Matt and I were just discussing how of all the kids taking violin, Addie seems the most naturally talented. She truly enjoys practicing, learning new songs, listening to violin, and going to lessons.
Stella and Emory aren't far behind, but if someone sat on their violins tomorrow, I don't think they would shed tears. We'll see how the year progresses. You never know eh?

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