Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Chores

The weekend chores started out with a conversation that went something like "yes Matt, I think it would be good for Emory to help you clean the car. That's a good daddy/son kinda job, and hopefully he'll take pride and try to help keep it clean inside if he is made part of cleaning the car."
Without further ado, but reluctantly, Emory was taken outside to help vac and wash the car. It all seemed to be going well for everyone, until little brother, Arleigh, woke up and mamma let him out of the crib.

Then this happened...

and this...

Now daddy has another chore- give Arleigh a bath and change his clothes.
Daddy would tell you that his chore list is never complete, and the honey-dos continue to grow.
Perhaps we know why?

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