Sunday, October 10, 2010


There we were, in church, a violinist and pianist enthusiastically tossing off lovely notes, while the choir belted out "Alleluia".
In the song, the word is drawn out over several notes "All-lay-looo-ooo-ooo-ya, All-lay-looo-ooo-ooo-ya, ....All-lay-looo-ooo-oo-ya".  You get the picture.

And there was little Arleigh belting it out too, with all the heart and might of a two year old...
"Arleigh-loo-loo ya, Arleigh-loo-loo ya, Arleigh-loo-loo ya,... Arleigh- lo- ya, ...Ar-leigh-loo- ya"!

I just know God was smiling :)

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Bethany said...

This had me giggling! I'm certain that there were lots of smiles!