Saturday, October 23, 2010

Friday Night Swim Lessons

This year, the kids have swimming lessons twice a week on Wednesday and Friday. Addie asked why we don't do "Family-French movie- Friday nights" anymore. And, Um, that would be because we are out of time on Fridays now. So she asked if instead, we could substitute our family movie time for a little family pool time after swimming lessons.

There is a big slide on the pool and a nice baby pool next to the gigantic pool where the lessons are conducted. So there's a little something for everyone....
Bravo! That makes for a happy family- especially at the end of a busy week and the bottom of a big water slide!

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The Mommy said...

It looks like great fun and I think it is so important to have family fun together! We just played a favourite game of ours, "Pengalo". I can't believe Claudio won both times...that means the kids had not woken up yet...normally they beat the socks off of us! Hope you are all enjoying splashing away together!

Sincerely, Kim et famille