Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

I dare you all to go into
The Haunted House on Howlin’ Hill,
Where squiggly things with yellow eyes
Peek past the wormy window sill.
We’ll creep into the moonlit yard,
Where weeds reach out like fingers,
And through the rotted old front door
A-squeekin’ on its hinges,
Down the dark and whisperin’ hall,
Past the musty study,
Up the windin’ staircase—
Don’t step on the step that’s bloody—
Through the secret panel
To the bedroom where we’ll slide in
To the ragged cobweb dusty bed
Ten people must have died in.
And the bats will screech,
And the thunder will crash
Like a horrible dream,
And we’ll sing with the zombies
And dance with the dead,
And howl at the ghost
With the axe in his head,
And—come to think of it what do you say
We go get some ice cream instead?
~ Shel Silverstein

1 comment:

The Mommy said...

Hi Guys! I will get Freeland to read this when he wakes up to get them all excited about Halloween! Not that they need any additional help! Our door is decorated. 174 flyers inviting condo members to help with shelling out tonight have been delivered, we are ready to carve our pumpkin, make our spider cookies and bloody hot dog fingers, and get into our costumes! Check us out on our blog when you have time!

Hope you have a happy and scarey Halloween! We will opt for the pumpkin popsicles instead of the icecream!!

Hugs, Kim et famille