Sunday, October 3, 2010

I love this photo because it reminds me of an assortment of little stories and moments.
Our trip to the organic pick -your -own farm with Miss Alina and Mr James was, as Mr. James mentioned "memorable".
 That group photo reminds me of how sweet James and Alina were to come along with us. How Miss Alina bumbled through her first frustrating experience with a wheelbarrow full of berries in the thick mud.
How Mr James kindly accompanied the kids into the fields, carried pumpkins, and pushed wheelbarrows in the rain.Mr James and Miss Alina, you are real troopers. Braving the wet and cold, the mud and muck, in the name of "fun at a farm". Thanks for joining us on our adventure.

That group photo recalls the excitement for Stella to visit the farm. She'd been begging to go back for several months. She loved romping through the fields, digging in dirt, and picking veggies from the ground.
The group photo reminds me of how much my kids enjoy being around James and Alina. Stella finds a friend and mentor in Miss Alina.

As thrilled as she was to pick out her pumpkin for carving, her sadness was extreme over the broken pumpkins in the field. She spent quite a long time examining them, studying the damaged pumpkins inside and out to determine what happened to them. A pumpkin smashing contest might just break her heart.

In that group photo, Addie is the most reserved of the kids. She's not making a goofy face, or dancing in outlandish fashion. The group photo reminds me of how Addie is gaining in maturity. How this week she asked more than ever if she could help around the house. It reminds me of how she has become better at quality control- taking better care of her room, learning to organize, and manage multiple activities.
Yet she's still so young, and unable to hold back occasional excitement, like when she shouted out in her loudest voice across a field that she was certain she'd discovered "the perfect strawberry!"

The group photo reminds me of how Emory can change his mood abruptly and how puzzling we find this as his parents. The girls were never so moody or persnickety. Emory was thrilled to fill baskets one moment and scared out of his rain boots of a potential downpour the next.

Matt too, not smiling in the photo, seemed grumpy at the farm. Mr. James chalked it up being "overwhelmed", but I think Matt needed a nap. We've been incredibly busy, working hard to keep the ship afloat and still we seem to be falling behind. Nevertheless, he'll get his nap, eventually. In the end, no doubt he'll enjoy the strawberries, squash, lettuce, pumpkins, carrots, and rest of the bounty we brought home with us. That group photo reminds me of how important it is for daddy to have his down time too.

That group photo reminds me of how Arleigh wanted only to pick the "widdle gween pompkeens".
He was all too protective of his little basket and insisted upon carrying it around the farm by himself.
It reminds me of how Arleigh stomped through thick mud and diligently worked to pick up a little round pumpkin, only to get stuck in the mud, unable to move his feet.

He ended up in tears...

He ate all the strawberries he picked.
Who can blame him? The last season berries were tasty.

He ate as many tomatoes as he could manage to fit in his mouth on the way home, still clutching a little basket.

Two years ago, he was lounging around on another scale of sorts.
Today's weight must account for a full pint of strawberries ingested in the fields.
Still a pip squeak, he's grown into his own little person in the last 2 years.

With that, it was time to pack up and head back to celebrate his 2nd birthday.

So- goodbye for another year, or at least another season little bunny.
As the kids reminded you, keep warm this winter!

Goodbye farm. We'll see you again in the next year,
when we hope to come again and fill our baskets with all that you offer!
Who knows what the next group photo will tell us...

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