Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Nike Kit + ipod = happiness

First and foremost, this is a plug for my favorite material possession.
Secondly, I preface this plug with an important notation - I am an exerciser, not a runner.
Let’s just say, for an imaginary second, that I am Oprah. No laughing. No. Please don’t choke. I know, not even close. But if I was Oprah, I would produce a “favorite things show” and hand out a bazillion Nike kit + ipods.
The nike kit + ipod sensor and receiver. If you know someone who has an ipod and walks, or runs, or wants to walk, or run, or hop, skip or jump, please consider this as a gift. My sister sent this to me last year when I announced that I was going to officially work on losing baby weight. It sat, unwrapped in its packaging for almost a month before I decided to figure out how it worked. Had I known how easy it was, how much I’d grow to love it, how dependent I’d be on it within 4 weeks, I’d have torn through the packaging in less than a minute.

The nike kit + ipod comes with a sensor which attaches to your shoe, and another do-hickey, receiver, that goes on the ipod. Together these two little pieces of heaven chat with each other to determine your pace, distance, time spent sweating, and how they can make you happy, by playing your favorite songs. It’s because of this little nike kit that I am now running 10k several times a week and am training for a 20k race in the spring.

Well, actually I’m training for a 20k race to raise money for the French school where the kids attend. Taking a class in French currently, my hopes are dimming that I’d ever be able to sputter a complete and proper
 “thank you for all you’ve done, teaching 3 of my kids a second language and showing our family so much courtesy and respect, kindness, and patience as we stumble through your courtyard daily…”
So far all the French class has yielded for me is “My name is…” “I was born in...” “He is Indian.” She is from Netherlands.” ”My phone number is…”
So, as you may imagine, it’s going to take awhile to get up to “thanks so much for all you’ve done…” Actions are better than words anyway, no matter what the language.
Hence, a goal to sweat out a grand "Merci" via a 20k run / fundraiser for the school.

(If you’d like to contribute, by all means, contact me!)

But I digress. The Nike kit is fantabulous. When you use it you can link online to a Nike site where training plans, goals, calories burned, teams, and ‘friends’ are available. You can map your routes and save them. All the while a strange cartoon figure “mini” dances a jig along a path so you can procrastinate daily chores and instead, change her hairstyle, clothing color, or even give her a nose job.

The only things the nike kit doesn’t do that I wish it could are as follows-

1) Keep the Man upstairs from causing rain showers. I imagine He sees me grab my nike kit some days and thinks “hmm, that garden needs watered, let me aim my hose right over Belgium.” Then with a hand on one hip and some nice pressure on the hose, He lets loose with the waterworks.

2) It won’t map hills. But Google Earth doesn’t either. I learned this on the first 10K route I mapped and then ran. All uphill. Yeah- both ways. I’m going to try running it backwards to see how much the pace improves.

3) It won’t tie your shoes for you. No. You at least have to make the effort to put on the shoes and get out the door.
I couldn’t run a single kilometer (happily) without it anymore. The Nike kit is the right price, (around 30 bucks) and is completely worth every penny. If you know someone with a wish list that has anything to do with getting in shape, exercise, walking, etc. absolutely consider the nike kit + ipod to give the best gift this season.


Mandy said...

Editor's note-
Nike kit + ipod is first favorite material possession after her digital SLR

Fat Pilot said...

Marv and I have had one for as long as I can remember and we LOVE it!!!! If you are really hard core, the next pair of running shoes you get can be Nike+ to hold the sensor inside. Pretty neat! Congrats on the motivation to speak french and to run. I am getting the crap beat out of me twice a week at a YMCA boot camp because I can't seem to commit to working out any other way :-)

Julia said...

There is something to be said for Nike + shoes, if you can wear them; I can not.
In the attempt to prevent frustration should your Nike kit appear to not be working I offer the following advice: Check the sensor, check the sensor, check the sensor. Let me say that again - check the sensor on your shoe. If at any time it gets flipped upside down, it will not record accurately. And yes, this is from recent personal experience. So remember, if you know you ahve completed 2km yet you haven't heard that lovely voice even mention 1km yet, check, check, check the sensor. :)