Monday, November 29, 2010

Can you tell?

Is it obvious we decorated for Christmas this weekend?

The kids are oozing with holiday excitement.
Christmas is coming, and they know it.
A very special, magical, time for each of the kids. They blissfully trimmed the tree, hung stockings, set up a train, and sang Christmas songs yesterday.
They haven't been preoccupied with gifts, toys, or lists to Santa however. For us, that's even more magical.
Shamefully, it wasn't until last night when I went to check on the kids before bed,
that I pulled out the camera.
I had to. Of all the moments that caught my eye during the day, perhaps this one was the most dear.
May all your Christmas dream come true!
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Fat Pilot said...

good grief girl. cant get much more perfect than that. enjoy it and thanks for sharing!!