Friday, December 31, 2010

Brussels Christmas Market

Aunt Julie and Uncle Pete arrived safely, albeit, a day late due to the winter storm on the United States' East coast. To say that Aunt Julie is a fan of Christmas is a slight understatement. The Christmas markets here are about to close down for the season. So we hurried her off to the Christmas market in Brussels where she and Uncle Pete could enjoy a taste of Christmas in Europe. With aroma of hot foods wafting over the crowd, tasting was only a sliver of what can be done at the markets.

There were hundreds of brightly lit, mini chalets selling everything from dolls, hats and sweaters, to jams, honey, and sausages.

We wandered through the crowd to put the kids onto a beautiful reproduction carousel where Stella rode in a hot air balloon, Addie rode the Titanic, Emory rode in a submarine waving out his window, and Arleigh rode in a violin. The carousel was fun, but what they really wanted to do was ice skate. So we hastened over to the rink, and waited for Stella to knock her other front tooth out.
Uncle Pete and I stayed with Arleigh, looking on.

The Ferris wheel and hot sugar crepes were calling our names too.

In the end, we wound up at the Grande Place to enjoy the light show over the Town Hall. My favorite part by far, was Santa's back flip...

If you care to watch, here's the show. (short on time? Santa's flip is at 4:30 ish)

I can't wait til next year!

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