Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas comments

Some of the more original moments of Christmas Day. We cannot let them melt away with the snow, but believe they should be shared....

~ Upon entering the dining room, and realizing there stood a manager, Stella cried out "Look! Santa brought us an activity scene!"

~Emory battling a cold, notified daddy, "Dad, my nose isn't running good. I'm stopped up." This child meanwhile seemed most enthralled with bubble wrap. Take note dear family and friends, bubble wrap for this child next year. Keep it simple- bubble wrap.

~ Arleigh opened his stocking and cracked into the first food item he could find- a Belgian waffle. With his mouth stuffed and crumbs tumbling from his lips we asked him "What are you eating?"
His response? "Don't know."
~ Later upon opening his "Penny the Piggy Bank", (a pig bank dear friends), he exclaimed as the wrapping paper tore away in fits of fury..."Look! I got a cow!"

~Later, at Christmas dinner, we sat, hands held, singing our blessing over the food. Well, at least some of us were singing a blessing. Arleigh was singing "Happy Birthday".

We can only hope this post doesn't deter Aunt Julie and Uncle Pete, as they prepare to travel across the Atlantic pond to visit us this week. Aunt Jul, Uncle Pete, we're stocking up on Belgian beer, egg nog, and mulled wine cause you're gonna need it. "Humdinger of a holiday":? You betcha :)


Aloha Pete said...

Should Julie and I start drinking when we get airborne since we are taking the long way to Belgium?

mandy said...