Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sledding while the sledding was good...

As promised, a sledding day. Serious fun on the slopes of Woluwe Park.

Early on, I wondered if he was ever going to let the kids have a dang sled?
Apparently feeling his "need for speed" :)
Matt raced down the hill demonstrating 'how it's done', 
while I looked on waiting to have to call an ambulance. 

Addie only joined us for an hour before she had to depart for an ice skating party on her busy agenda. In no less than 10 minutes, she made new friends on the hill and had a French speaking gal “Clemone” and her sister to share the rides.

Of all the animals in our circus act, Arleigh was the one who didn’t appreciate the cold. He wasn’t diggin’ the idea of standing around at the top of a hill, then propelling his body upon a plastic mold over the icy edge. He didn’t like the idea of wind and snow streaking the face, or climbing back to the top to repeat the process.
Standing around watching seemed to be as exciting to him as the life cycle of bread mold, and colder.
Today he screamed from his mighty 2 year old lungs, “I was born in Guam and deserve to see the sunshine.” But truly it sounded a bit more like “waaaa, blah, wahhhh, waaaa, nah nah, nah, waaa”. We can't have everything ya know.

Emory seemed to be just slightly competitive about the sledding. He was constantly poised for a showdown, as if he fancied himself in fashioned skin tight luge sportswear at the peak of a Colorado mountain with an Olympic team huddled around him rather than the bulky ski pants and winter coat he was touting in the local park while his younger brother wailed on. On every ride I shared with him, he’d eval our progress, trying to tweak our teamwork to make the ride better. Meanwhile I was trying to tweak the ride to prevent back and muscle injuries.

A long way to go before Olympic trials big guy-
we can't blame you for catching a lift every now and then.

After four hours in the chilly wind and snow, Stella bo Bella was beggin’ for more.
We can’t wait to see what that kid does when we strap her to a pair o'skis.
Front teeth missing, hat on backwards, tongue hanging out in the snowy air.
This kid rocks when it comes to sledding.

Unfortunately, as this is posted, the forecast is predicated to bring warmer temps, a mix of sleet, rain,
(and possible/unlikely snow).
So sad to see our white winter wonderland turn into a slushy, messy, chilly mix of yuck.
All the more reason to be glad we seized the snowy day eh? 
Hey,... wanna race?

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