Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snowball Fight

S now had fallen 'round, when there was a knock upon her door
N aughty children came to shout "let's have a snowball war!"
O h! How they carried on and played as mom stayed warm inside.
W atching younger siblings, while she concocted a surprise!

B alls of snow and ice were slung- sent whizzing through the air.
A nd she didn't crack the door one bit. No, mother didn't dare!
L ots of laughter from the snow. For mom inside, it seemed unfair.

L et's 'call a truce! Come back' she called. There's hot chocolate to share.

F unny how hot chocolate works, as if a magic spell,
I nstantly from war came peace and no more snowballs fell.
G athered family 'round the table, mother knew she'd won.
H appily she filled their cups. Thankful for the fun.
T hen she sighed and pondered future battles that would come...

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