Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stella played on, Addie went solo, and Emory Twinkled

Addie played a solo in tonight's suzuki violin Christmas concert.
She did a fantastic job, but I'm not allowed to show you the video here, because she wanted it on her blog, of if you want to see her in her first solo,  click here for her solo video.

What I can share are some of the photos. (and will perhaps add videos to this post later in the week so check back if you feel so inclined...)

St Nicholaus always appears at the start of this concert and he sits at the front of the stage listening intently to each child play. At the end of the concert, he gives the children a specially wrapped gift of chocolate and a big speculoos cookie. So to say, this concert is a treat for everyone!

Emory getting his twinkle on...

The girls playing "O Come Little Children" together...

Lovely concert. We're very proud of all the hard work and improvement shown it the last year.
Keep on, keepin on kids!


Fat Pilot said...

Just watched Addie's performance. VERY IMPRESSIVE! I hope they all stick with it.

The Mommy said...

We just watched Addie's performance- great job! And I read St. Nick's note to the children because it is a good reminder for my boys too. Season's greetings! Kim xo