Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Welcome Home Bernice, The Bernese Mountain Dog

It's been almost 2 years since our Daisy dog died of cancer.
We miss her still, every day.
That said, we didn't necessarily plan to add another dog back into the circus act.
In fact, Stella has been begging for a pet.
She was going to get a fish for Christmas...

I have no idea what made me so interested in an advertisement submitted
to the Embassy newsletter, but I felt obligated to check into it.
A 1 year old, Bernese Mountain Dog needed a new home. She was growing too large for her family.
Try as I might, I couldn't get her out of my mind, so I responded to the ad on Monday.

Bernie had, in the meantime, been taken to an animal shelter.
The previous owner kindly gave us the contact information, answering a ton of questions for us.
Feeling still quite compelled, I loaded Arleigh up in the car and headed to the shelter to see her.
Bernie was such a sweet dog and still a bit of a pup.
She was beautiful, responded to commands, seemed to enjoy being around Arleigh, and clearly wanted to be with a family.
She came across as quite a 'happy-go lucky' sort with a very positive demeanor.
As I drove home, I hoped that we could adopt her, but promised to try not to be devastated if someone brought her home before us.
The previous owner, and my lil sister, a practicing vet, were a huge help, providing information and support.

By Tuesday afternoon, Bernie was home with us.
The kids had a day off of school, so we made it a HUGE surprise
to go visit her and bring back to her new home.
She seems to be adjusting well, soaking up all the attention and love that she's showered with.
Dudley also seems to enjoy her presence and hopefully they will get along well.

Welcome Bernie, the Bernese Mountain Dog!
We are so lucky to have you!
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