Sunday, January 23, 2011


He's 39 today
...almost over the hill.
In a fitting tribute to 39, we almost got it right, but things seemed to fall apart.
Addie made him two small pillows. She almost got it right the first time, but she accidentally sewed the material shut before adding the stuffing.
Arleigh almost got it right when he said "Happy Birfday Mom" today.
Stella painted Matt a picture of flowers in a vase. We planned that we'd hang it in the house with her others. Daddy didn't know that, and told her he was taking it to work to display there...I guess that's almost like displaying it at home, except 5 miles away.
Emory announced after gifts were opened that he "almost had an idea for dad, but then didn't".
And when I asked Matt what he wanted for his birthday cake, he said a pecan pie.
I didn't have enough pecans on hand (and I'm not so great at pecan pie anyway), so we skirted it with a pan of brownies with a caramel topping, and some pecans showing "39". That was almost lovely, except,

the candles were added too soon and apparently the caramel was too hot.
The only candles we had on hand were pink.
They melted into the caramel, making it a bit messy.
(Sorry babe.)

Happy Birthday anyway!

The kids enjoyed looking through lots of photos to make dad a movie...
What a great dad!


The Henry Family said...

I waited all day for the birthday post - and am so glad that we are so alike...Happy Birthday Matt!! We miss you all!!

Julia said...

Happy Birthday, Matt!
I enjoyed the video of pictures of you with your kids....priceless.

elizabem said...

ahhh...that video was amazing. brought tears to my eyes. thanks for sharing it. happy birthday Matt! love, bets

Fat Pilot said...

Happy birthday Matt!

Mandy, you have done such an incredible job documenting your life and family. It is so fun and amazing to watch. You guys are a beautiful family and we miss you. Hope Matt almost enjoyed his day (nah, I'm sure he totally did)