Saturday, January 1, 2011

Brugge, New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve. Trip to Brugge. It seemed like we wouldn't get there til next year.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Pete experienced the fun of bundling up the 4 kids in snow gear and strapping them into the car to get to the metro. The joy of getting everyone through the crazy metro security doors. (Usually a feat to rival the great pyramids). The amusing hassle of trying to find a lost bunny bunny in Grande Central Station 10 minutes before our train was pulling away. The chaos of finding a seat for everyone on a crowded train. Then entertaining the people in those very same seats all the way to Brugge. The bliss of topping off fuel tanks in a Panos at the station. Then tickets for a bus ride into downtown. Finally,...drum roll please.....ta dah!!!!!! 2 hours and 45 minutes later. The beautiful old beauty. Brugge.

For the kids, the first priority of business. Not chocolate. Not lace shops. Not  the carriage ride. Not a tour of the old world city. Not a hot waffle. Nope.
They only wanted to know how long that train ride would be because on the other end, there was a skating rink which might melt if they didn't get to slip and slide all over- immediately.

"the next most funnest, bester thing to do in Brugge"- carriage ride.

Arleigh had other priorities- his belly. Nothing a great big Belgian waffle couldn't satisfy!

Aunt Julie had a look in the shops before we embarked on a whirl wind tour.

Whirlwind stop on the whirlwind tour....

Then back on the train. Good thing Aunt Julie came prepped with activities suitable for a toddler and 5 year old- like playing tic tac toe on her cell phone...uh huh. Nice Jul. Anything else in that bag of yours?

Of course! A "Where's Waldo" book to the rescue! Thank goodness. We knew we brought the Aunt Julie along for some reason :) 
Overall, a nice way to spend the last day of a wonderful year in Europe.
Happy New Year!

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