Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Eiffel Tower -Day 3

I had no idea that the Eiffel Tower is brown. After black, or grey, maybe, on a good day, I might have guessed brown.
A unique highlight of our Paris trip and perhaps a highlight for the year….kids skating on the first tier of the Eiffel Tower. This is the first year for a skating rink on the Eiffel Tower and though it was small, Addie and Stella found it a perfect size to make a few laps, and history, as they sloshed around the rink. They are now members of a select group of kids who can say they ice skated on the Eiffel Tower, the first year it was ever possible.

The elevator ride up and down was slightly uncomfortable. People were squashed in like sardines until a weight limit buzzer sounded. I’d have liked to have snapped a photo in the elevator, but I simply couldn’t reach my arms upward to the camera bag. The views over the city were astounding however, even in the drizzly cold, dreary weather.

Something for everyone to see up there. For Emory, there was a fascination with the "big wheels turning to move the elevators". I noticed one woman taking photos of people who looked like tiny specks on the ground. 

  One more shot. This isn't so much about the Eiffel tower, as it is about a little guy in the photo. While the rest of us were standing around, he noticed a plastic, shiny, Christmas ornament rolling along the terrace as it was blown by the wind. I watched Emory and could tell he wanted to chase that ornament. He wanted to run off after it, but dare not ask. I nodded to him to go ahead- "It's Ok Emory, you can go get it." He didn't hesitate a second before he set off to make it one of his newest treasures. As soon as he caught up to it, he gleamed with pride.
But while he was having a baguette hot dog lunch, someone threw the ornament away.
Devastated, Emory cried. He was so hurt that his ornament was gone. Worth nothing to the rest of us, as it didn't even have to top attached for hanging, but seemed to be the most beautiful, special prize, worth a million bucks to this kid.
After it was pointed out to me, that the ornament had been tossed, I did the unthinkable- reached into that trash can at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, and pulled out his treasure. Ugh. But you know what? He's the happiest kid on the block again...and I'm happy that I carry Purell in my camera bag :)

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