Sunday, January 9, 2011

Notre Dame & Madame Martine -Day 2 Paris

Next stop-
Notre Dame

We planned our stop at Notre Dame so that we could join an English speaking tour for free. The 8 of us were enough to require a tour guide alone. Consequently, we were given a personal tour by Madame Martine, a lovely woman from France, who knows more than we could have imagined about Notre Dame. She was able to take us into areas where no tourist are usually allowed; areas which are reserved for the bishops or cardinals only. We asked if we were allowed to take photos and she responded "well, you're usually not allowed, the church frowns upon it. Everyone wants to take pictures, and I can't imagine Jesus would mind really."

The interior was dark, despite hundreds of candles and light from huge stained glass windows. There was still soot on the ceilings from candles previously burned from the chandeliers.

 As for Madame Martine, she was as sweet as pie, cute as a button, and a walking encyclopedia on Notre Dame.  We have Madame Martine to thank completely for such an enjoyable visit there.

It's not a wonder Victor Hugo was inspired by this church to create the Hunchback's story.

Later we stopped at a little Crêperie for a snack. Aunt Julie had never had the pleasure of eating a Nutella crepe. We felt certain her trip to Paris wouldn't be complete without at least a bite or two. Bon Appetite!

Go ahead, try a bite. Delicious!

Back across the River Seine to the Center Pompidou, which we might have skipped with the kids had we known then what we know now.

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