Saturday, January 8, 2011

Palace of Versailles Day 3

The last stop in Paris was the Palace of Versailles. This was a relatively unplanned part of the trip, but the evening prior to our visit we agreed “we’re this close, why not?” Easy enough to reach via our day trip train passes, we rode from the Eiffel Tower to Versailles to visit King Louis’ home, originally ‘a hunting lodge’. Some kinda lodge it was.

From the hall of mirrors to the massive, and endless painting and chandeliers adorning the Palace, grandiose was everywhere. We entered the chapel first, where an organist was playing music that practically shook the floor.

In the summertime, the gardens are an attraction set apart from the rest. With fountain displays and shows in the warmer months, we found an easy excuse to go back since the gardens are limited this time of year.

Paintings were everywhere- the ceilings and walls covered, if not in paintings, then in gold. The painting below was done as a reminder of how the French helped an early America to obtain democracy.

We didn’t make the time to visit Marie Antoinette’s home nearby, but we did get a glimpse of her bedroom here….

The famous Hall of Mirrors was quite impressive. They must have enjoyed reflecting upon something or other in the days of ‘the Sun King‘, because there were an awful lot of mirrors.

We left the "chateau" shortly before dark fell and ventured out to find dinner. We left Paris late, with kids in pjs, and drove home to Belgium, arriving back home very late, but very happy to have made the journey. 

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