Saturday, January 8, 2011

Paparazzi I Am Not

The view from Arc de Triomphe in Paris was so spectacular, I begged the crew to wait for me to go to the other end and snap a few shots from the other direction. It was cold, we’d been traveling all day, and Arleigh of all, was done with Paris. While Matt and Uncle Pete took Arleigh and Emory into ‘the world’s most profitable McDonald’s’ on De Champs-Élysées the girls and Aunt Julie wandered down the street with me to see the sights. The lights were amazing. The flag stores spectacular. We passed countless couples dressed to the nines; fur coats, heels, sharp suits. The greatest of people watching.

The girls were growing weary before we even made it to the end of the street, where the Ferris wheel gleamed. Switching plans, I hopped into the middle of a crosswalk and did my best to take what I’d hoped to do from the other end. It didn’t really work, but it didn’t matter. I didn’t want anyone waiting around longer and was sensing enough guilt from Matt dealing with tired kids at the far end. As we headed back, we noticed a red carpet outside of what we thought must be a theatre, or perhaps a cinema. Julie recognized the sign for the movie The King’s Speech on the wall and almost immediately, a crowd began to gather. Microphones and large cameras were waving about. The crowd grew bigger and we grew a little more curious. I stood on a bench to try to see over the crowd, but couldn’t make much of anyone out. The red carpet had fewer people standing along it because most of the crowd had moved to the sidewalk, apparently awaiting a car. Jul agreed to watch the girls while I went, curiously to the carpet to see if I could spy what the hub bub was about. Julies advice "follow the microphone" So I did. A couple got out of a car. People were pushing- asking for autographs. The woman of this couple was S-t-u-n-n-i-n-g. With a capital S. That's when I stopped following the microphone. She was really beautiful and I thought that was perhaps what the fuss was about, but couldn’t see the man she was with.
I snapped a photo, hoping later to be able to figure out the mystery couple. I waited, but was pushed a bit behind a red pillar for the tent over the red carpet.

I tried to snap another shot of the woman, who was looking straight at me. I was completely awe struck. She was just gorgeous. But dang if the stupid memory card was filled. I had left for Paris without downloading previous photos and started out with a card half full. Incredible. With no time, I began to try to back through photos and delete,...delete,..delete.

See me there? Behind the red pillar? That's me. Nope, sadly, I didn't take the shot below.
I picked it up here if you'd like to see more

Once home, we looked up it up, as Julie had a very strong suspicion that the guy happened to be Colin Firth, attending the premier with his wife (the stunning woman). Turns out, Julie was right.
Colin Firth, his wife, Livia Giuggioli and Director Tom Hooper were the folks there on the red carpet.
Better not quit the day job eh?

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