Sunday, January 9, 2011

Paris Day 2- Loved the Louvre

This metro stop led us to a morning in The Louvre...
One could spend many many mornings in the Louvre. One could spend a lifetime in that place to be honest. From paintings and sculpture to early Egyptian art, it's not a wonder this museum is world renowned. The building in and of itself is quite beautiful, with details in sculpture or painting adorning every corner and ceiling.

So lovely  to have the girls recognize some of the art they saw. Summer art week with mom is paying off. The Mona Lisa was our first stop, as it was also the stop for a whole lot of other people too. We were warned that Mona Lisa attracts crowds that make it hard to see her up close, but we were lucky to have been there at the right time of year, and it didn't take long to find our way to the front of the line. Who exactly she was looking at in the crowd was hard to tell,..a secret only she knows of course.

Endless paintings had so much depth and color to them, photos of them wouldn't do justice.

Emory seemed simply amazed that the building spanned for city blocks. At one point he asked "How did they make all this?"

We spent most of our time in the painting galleries. The frames on each piece were as fascinating as the artwork itself. Walls and walls lined with amazing work all staring back at us.

The Louvre left Aunt Julie who initially said "I don't care much about art. This should turn out to be a quick stop on the itinerary" ...later saying,
'Um, I think I might have liked to have spent more time down there on the first floor. That looked interesting.'
No worries Jul, you're welcome back anytime, and by all means, we'll gladly join you for additional time in the Louvre!

We would have spent much more time in the Louvre, but we had other things on the itinerary too.
Yet another reason to make sure we head back!

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