Friday, January 7, 2011

She wanted to see a castle

So we took Aunt Julie and Uncle Pete to Ghent. The  only castle we could find open this time of year was the Castle of the Counts. Ghent happens to be a lovely city to visit too.

However, with this crowd, no visiting of anything, anyplace, anywhere, can take place until bellies are satisfied. Thus a quick visit to the bakery and frittuur took care of rumbles in the tummies. 

During our visit, Aunt Julie found old, yet exemplary ways of keeping her husband in line....

The kids would follow Aunt Julie everywhere and wanted to do whatever she was doing. If Aunt Julie ate it, they did too. If Aunt Julie saw it, they did too. If Aunt Julie wanted it, they did too.
If she walked a plank, they'd gladly follow her into deep blue waters.
So we've put in a request for Aunt Julie to strongly encourage eating sprouts and working toward full college scholarships.

Before skipping town, the crowd stopped at the chocolate shop (of course)

and a few cathedrals.
Always so amazing to see the kids run and jump along buildings that are thousands of years old. They climb and lounge among a complete world full of history, without so much as a notion if its significance. 

We had to get back home though because we had big plans for the morning.
A trip to Paris with Aunt Julie and Uncle Pete.
Packing to be done, plans to be made, much to look forward to!

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