Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A smile is worth celebrating...

I swear this poster is hanging there, not for the support of patients undergoing orthodontic treatment, but for those supporting the financial end of that treatment. As if a mantra to keep repeating until the final bill is payed..."a smile is worth celebrating, a smile is worth celebrating, a smile is worth celebrating..."
And I would swear I’ve seen this poster before. Not in the same office…but perhaps 30 years ago when I lounged back in the orthodontist’s chair. Unfortunately, my memory has not faded. Picture perfect, I recall puking all over the orthodontist and his assistant when they tried to take impressions. I still wish they had at least forewarned me that they were about to gag me continuously for 5 minutes with a softball size hunk of plaster. (Again, my deepest apologies Dr Kendzior. That tie was surely unrecoverable.)
As if it was yesterday, the pain of headgear, wax balls, endless appointments tightening wires to a pressure that made eyes cross, water pic, brushing, brushing, brushing; left a haunting impression. Nor did I forget having to tell my parents about the retainer which needed to find its way out of the trash after a wedding reception when I accidentally left it wrapped in a napkin because it was simply disturbing guests around me…. unlike the Dr. Kendzior's tie, that retainer was recovered, and sadly, I was made to stick it back into my mouth again, post trash recovery.

Frankly, memories of enduring orthodontic treatments never found the positive spin they required.
So a dull ache came over me as Addie lounged back in the orthodontist’s chair today and I suffered frightening flashbacks. Perhaps the ache was more in the wallet this time than my gum line. Nevertheless, it still hurt. Enough about how I can stuff the pocket full of Kleenex now that it's empty. Without further ado,

Tun- da- da- dah! Starring the lovely, uber talented, ever so magnificent, but sometimes not so sweet, eye rolling lady of 8 years….our favorite 2nd grader most of the time!

Drum roll (again) please…..

Addie- In Braces!

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