Sunday, January 30, 2011

We Ate a Mouse and a Man

Stella was in charge of planning and making dinner last night.
We ate a mouse and a man.
For dessert, we shared an Eiffel Tower.
Quite tasty!

Each person took off one piece at a time.
We decided that the next time we share dessert,
whoever gets the last piece has to clear the table.

We love making dinner time fun. Currently we're encouraging the kids to each pick a night to plan and make dinner (with a little help). We play "Family Dinner Games" read from our "365 Days of Manners" book, use our "Kid's Choices" cards to ask ethical questions. Not to mention, over the years, we've been given lots of great recipe books for the kids to use.

Despite Arleigh singing "Happy Birthday" during the blessing, or the occasional dispute over eating greens, it seems as if some of their most important lessons are learned around the dinner table.
Bon Appetite!

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