Friday, February 25, 2011

Call for Help

She wouldn't call 9-1-1. She'd ring this bell for help. If anything ever went wrong, grandma always said she would ring this bell to call my uncle, next door, so that he would know to come.
(That system always seemed a little backwards, but no one asked me). 
Shortly after the New Year, a turn of events led my parents to move into grandma's home, trying to help.
In her late eighties, grandma would like to remain at home with her dog, but really can't live independently.
My parents proved that moving back in with your parents is never easy, no matter if you've come back as a college grad, or as empty nesters. Mom and dad were struggling to help grandma, who was refusing any assistance. So, as if this bell was ringing to me, I set off with Arleigh for a 2 week trip home to try to help.
Back in Belgium now, it seems as if the situation back home is slightly better,
but certainly not easy or ideal for anyone. That trip made coming back to the daily grind with 4 kiddos in a foreign country seem like a cake walk.
Lots of photos to blog, stay tuned...will post after jet lag is diminished.

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