Friday, February 4, 2011

It was a Zoo

Slipping into the wellies and heading into muddy territory can only mean one thing with this group
-a trip to the zoo. Our last visit was on a slightly brighter day, at the end of summer.
(Check out that visit here if you desire)
A day off school, this is where they picked to go, despite the cloudy cold weather.

Of all the pics, this was my favorite.
When I downloaded it though, I was just stymied to come up with a caption...

Rest assured, the animals are all doing well, except for the 'animal' which the kids thought was laying upside down in a stream. That animal, I promise you, was only a few sticks and the result of some fantastic imagination. Here are a few more things they had to say....

“Mom, something smells here.”

“Mom, I wanna take that am-min-al home wif me.” (looking at the water buffalo)
“Mom, I want to have a neck like that” (while giraffe watching)
“Mom, can we try hay for dinner some night?”
“Mom, people shouldn’t kill animals, but can animals kill animals?”
“Hey, look how far he can pee!”,…Wow that’s a lot of pee!,…Oh! He poops too!”
“Mom, what if we could stay at the zoo all night. Would you climb in the fence and snuggle the buffalo?”

Ahhh. Always an adventure with this herd.

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